Classic Style Pieces

Every woman should have timeless, versatile pieces that transition seamlessly with every addition to her wardrobe. This article delves into the essential basics or classics that can transform everyday wear into a personal style.

Style basics are key items that translate no matter what the trends are. The following are items that are wardrobe staples that every woman should keep in their closet:


Source :  Realsimple

Source : Realsimple

LBD - Coco Chanel changed fashion in many ways, but her biggest influence on fashion was her introduction to the Little Black Dress in 1926.

Crisp White Shirt - Chic and effortless whenever paired with either jeans, trousers or a suit.

Leather Coat - More specifically a biker jacket, this style can be paired with trousers, a sundress, or jeans & t-shirt. 

Source :  MarieClaire

Source : MarieClaire

Trousers -  No matter if the trouser is purchased with the matching suiting jacket or is worn alone, this style basic can seamlessly transition from work to play.

White T-Shirt - A super soft classic white t-shirt can take you on a journey and adds balance to your style.

Camel Coat or Trench Coat - On a rainy, cold day, pair this with jeans or a suit for a classic camel coat look.

Source :  Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

Pencil Skirt - For an elegant style and fashion staple, the pencil skirt takes on a life of its own depending on the top or blouse it’s paired with.

Breton Striped Shirt - Derived from the mid 19th century French Navy, this classic was made relevant in 1917 by Coco Chanel with her nautical themed collection.



Classic Pearl Necklace - From the single strand to the multi-layered style, a pearl or faux pearl necklace is always fashionable.  With that said, pile on the strands and enjoy!

Statement Necklace - Create some attention with a statement necklace, of any length or color

Pendant Necklace - The pendant necklace can be a casual accessory to wear with a boho-chic look or a perfect pairing to a special black tie affair.

Delicate Necklace - The go-to modern favorite is the delicate necklace. Whether it’s worn alone or layered, this is a style basic.

Cuff Bracelet - With simplicity in its styling, the cuff bracelet is an accessory that is easy to wear.

Stacking Bracelet - Easily rock a unique, fun stack of bracelets by layering a few gold bangles on each wrist.

Statement Earring - There is no better way to transform your outfit than a pair of statement earrings, regardless of the occasion. 

Simple or Stud Earring - A classic, style basic that can be easily worn every day.

Hoop Earring - The current favorite of all earring styles, the hoop can come in many colors and sizes.

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