Jewelry 101: The Necklace

Entering into the accessories business may appear to be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the terms, descriptions or even an understanding of the different styles.  Having a basic knowledge will allow you to excel in styling your boutique but also styling your customer. Let’s discuss the foundations of your fashion jewelry styles.


Choker—14 inches A Choker will typically sit high and tight on the neck.  The ideal neckline for a Choker is a strapless silhouette. 

Collar—16 inches The Collar will ideally will fit perfectly around the base of the neck.  Depending on the woman’s build, the Collar may fit a more petit woman by draping loosely on the collar bone or on a curvier woman it may fit more like a choker.  The Collar is ideally worn with an open neckline, strapless, boat or sweetheart necks. 

Bib—16-18 inches A Bib necklace will also include a Statement necklace or a Layered necklace depending on the style of the Bib.  The Bib tends to be the most common choice for most women, as it will sit comfortable below the collar bone between the lower neck and bust line.  You may also hear this referred to as a Princess necklace.  While the Bib necklace is the most versatile necklace, that can be worn with most any neckline, the crew or scoop neck are the most ideal for this shape.

Matinee—20 inches The Matinee necklace will fall a few inches below the collar bone and sit just at the bust line.  Traditionally the Matinee Necklace was a single strand but more modern styles will incorporate the Layered Necklace.  This necklace is versatile you will see it worn best with a low neckline or with a turtleneck.

Long/Opera—24 inches The Opera Necklace or Long Necklace will also include a Pendant Necklace. This style will fall below most any neckline and in many instances, will be used to wrap as a Choker or Collar Necklace. 

Rope/Lariat—30-33 inches While the Rope Necklace is a long single strand, the Lariat Necklace is a long open-ended necklace.  Both necklaces can be worn long, wrapped for a layered look or added to other necklaces for a layered look.  The Rope or Lariat can assist in making a bold statement.

Keep in mind that not all necklaces fit every woman the same.  Their body shape and height will be a contributing aspect to how the necklace will fit them.  Also considering their face shape when choosing a certain style. 

The choice of necklace will frame the face and help accentuate an individual’s facial features.  Oval shaped faces can wear most any style necklace while a woman with a round face are best suited to avoid chokers, it is not a complimentary necklace style.  A Collar or Bib Necklace is well suited for a woman with a long face or heart shape, as well as a Choker. 

In future blog posts we will continue to discuss more jewelry styles and styling.  Jewelry 101 is an ongoing educational series.


Suzette WIlson