Jewelry 101 : The Bracelet

Have you been researching different bracelet styles?  Are you asking ‘what is a bangle’? It’s understandable that many of the accessory terms are confusing and don’t reference the style accurately.  Having the knowledge of the styles is key to being successful in the fashion jewelry business. You’ll not only be able to address your customers’ needs with an accurate understanding of styling, but you will also be able to purchase the key styles and trends for your boutique.

Let’s continue the conversation about the foundations of your fashion jewelry styles.

Bangle—A bangle is circular in shape and typically not flexible, but this can change with modern fashion jewelry.  Bangles are versatile and have many options in styling from stacking to wearing them individually. Mix and match your bangles in style, color, texture and size and you can customize the look to be as unique as the wearer.    

Beaded—Beaded bracelets can range from delicate stones or crystals to resin or lucite beads and everything in between.  Originally, the beaded bracelet would have been threaded on elastic or thread and have a lobster clasp, but as styles continue to evolve and change, there are many new ways to wear the beaded bracelet.  Beaded bracelets are a great way to add color and texture to classic gold or silver arm candy. Incorporating the Beaded and Wrap bracelet is a great way to achieve the stacked look of several bangle bracelets.  

Cuff—Similar to the bangle, the Cuff bracelet is circular in shape but is open up to 1/3 on the wrist.  The Cleopatra inspired style is a fitted bracelet, and may be adjustable depending on the construction and material.  The width of the cuff is as varied as the women wearing them. Traditionally, you will see a cuff bracelet being worn alone or with matching wrists; but with a more individualized style, a fashion statement may be to mix a cuff and several bangles.

Link—From simplistic and elegant links to elaborate hand crafted chain, the Link bracelet is as it is named, links or chain to create a bracelet.  Links may be mixed, intertwined with other materials or constructed with multiple strands. The Link bracelet found its style being incorporated into everyday fashion accessory design.  The foundation of the Link bracelet is a metal chain, but can now be found constructed with materials from resin to leather.

Wrap—Wrap bracelets come in many shapes, styles and lengths with one common element, they will wrap on the wrist.  From a wired beaded wrap to a long leather embellished wrap, the Wrap bracelet mimics the look of stacked bangles with the flexibility of the wrap.  

Bracelet styles are uniquely different from each style but can be combined to establish a specific style aesthetic. Do not be limited with materials, colors, or elements—the bracelet combination is only limited by the wearer’s imagination.

Just like the necklace, not all bracelets fit every woman the same.   You will find some like the fit of the cuff, snug at their wrist, while others like the fit of the bangle, loose and with movement.  Their personal aesthetic will help determine which fit and feel is best for them.

Jewelry 101 is a continuing series with additional stories

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