Telling the Story Visually of Your Brand

Quick tips on how to display your products

As a boutique owner is and a visual merchandiser, you will curate displays, tell stories and create your brand image with each display.  You now have the opportunity to convey the message you had when you were purchasing the latest seasonal trends.  You focused on colors, texture and style, and now is the time to put this into action.  Think of when you were purchasing your spring trends and how they were cohesive and had continuity.

Although visual merchandising has a strong psychological aspect, there is an emotional sensory component to it as well.  

Psychological shopping—use the KISS method • Keep It Simple •  when putting together the psychological aspects of story-telling.  Ask yourself these questions: Does it tell a story? Is it shoppable?  Is the display relevant? The simplicity of the display takes out the guesswork as to what the customer is looking at.  We suggest--keeping the clothing in size order, using the same hangers and facing the same direction and having consistent continuity throughout the boutique prevents disrupting the visual flow.

Understand your space:  Brand your space with unique displays.

Source :  Instagram

Source : Instagram

Lighting is a key component to the success of the display.  From the use of natural light to the use of spot lights, you can direct where you want your customer to go.  Spotlights are fabulous at highlighting and featuring specific items.

Source :  Lonny

Source : Lonny

Understand your inspiration:  Color, Theme and Components

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Refer to your inspiration images for direction and continuity, this will help you tell your story. When telling the story, you will show the multifaceted aspects of the display. The products are displayed together to cross-sell and up-sell.  They explain through the display the perspective of how customers can wear the items when they take them home. You are styling the clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc. for the shopper.  

If you are in need of display inspirations, the internet has become a fantastic tool to help you kick off your creative story boards.  Design Retail, Smart Retailer, and Pinterest are all great places to start your process.  Keeping seasonal private boards on Pinterest will also help you create your story boards and allow for quick reference.


Keep in mind a few rules to keep things shoppable and exciting

The rule of three—asymmetry and attention getting.

Group like with like—this will cross sell and up sell.

Pyramid principal—tall in the center with small in front, keeping the story clean.

Stay on top of the trends—stand out from your competition and be in the know.

Clicks and mortar—keep your digital footprint just as relevant as your brick and mortar.

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


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Suzette WIlson