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Boutiques and e-commerce businesses are at the core of our business and by creating the ZENZII Wholesale Blog. We want to be able to create a resource for all things related to owning, managing and growing your boutique business.  We are dedicated to the growth of your business.  So please enjoy as we share on a regular basis tips, tolls, resources for your fashion boutique and e-commerce store.  But first, we thought it was best to introduce ZENZII, who we are and why we are different.  Why the ZEN of fashion is at our core DNA.

ZENZII is a leading fashion jewelry wholesale company located in sunny Atlanta, Georgia.  Our wholesale business ranges from domestic nationwide shipping to international customers.  You will find our fashion jewelry in boutiques, department stores, online e-commerce stores and specialty stores.  The next time you are in one of our major department store partners, take a look at the unique designs we have created for them.  Anthropologie, Anthropologie UK, Nordstrom and Von Maur are just a few of our international partners.

From our boutique stores to our e-commerce online stores, we have the latest in fashion jewelry for your customer.  We ship from Atlanta Georgia with in 24 hours of an order being placed.  Our non commissioned sales team works closely with our customer service team to provide you, our customer, the stellar customer service we are known for.  You, our customer, is our top priority.

You will find our marketing materials created for the bricks and mortar stores and the e-commerce stores. The jewelry collections and photography are great assets to your small businesses.  Ease of use materials allow the most independent businesses have professional imagery and materials making you competitive in this ever changing landscape of retail.

Being based in the US allows us to stay in tune with the latest fashion trend in style, color or materials.  Our showrooms in New York, Dallas and Atlanta give you an opportunity to see the collections and work with our team.  

Once you have received your order you will understand why we are different, why high quality is only the beginning.  From our carefully packed orders to every detail in each piece of jewelry you will see why ZENZII will be your favorite fashion jewelry brand.

We are proud that our in house designer works on each collection to be sure the quality and fashion forward styles are easy to wear, have the many details that make it a ZENZII piece and are in an easily merchandising collection.  Since ZENZII’s inception 11 years ago, we have been able to maintain these points that set us apart.

Our jewelry inventory includes a vast selection of statement necklaces, stackable bracelets, trendy earrings and handmade pieces that are sure to please even the most discerning customer.  Whether your customers are looking for jewelry that compliments casual wear or formal wear, we have the perfect accessory to fit any outfit.

At ZENZII, we believe that jewelry should make a statement and be an extension of any women’s personal style.  Each season, we develop new and innovative styles that compliment the trends of that fashion season. Our factories then create our unique and fashion forward designs.  Due to our unique relationship with our many factories, we are able to better control the quality that goes into making each piece, choose quality components and stay on top of the ever evolving trends.  We will launch many new collections throughout the year, not just in spring or fall.

Not sure what to stock your shelves with?  We are well known for our dynamic color and variety of accessories that range from casual to statement?  We have simplified this for you.  Our jewelry collection pages are a great resource on what is trending in fashion wholesale jewelry.  We have created these trendy fashion pages to take the guesswork out of merchandising and styling.  You will find in each collection a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings so you can mix and match to create your store specific collection.

ZENZII, derived from the word ZEN, optimizes the simplicity in elegance, calm in the structure and the quiet in bold.  WIth everything that ZENZII does, ZEN is the philosophy that is incorporated with each design, each customer, each package, everything.  You will understand why ZENZII is unique in its approach to all that we do.

Suzette WIlson