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Social media involves marketing, branding, selling and so much more.  But what is a boutique business owner to do? Where do you start? First, let’s look into the bigger picture - Why Social Media? ....


Classic Style Pieces


Every woman should have timeless, versatile pieces that transition seamlessly with every addition to her wardrobe. This article delves into the essential basics or classics that can transform everyday wear into a personal style. Style basics are key items that translate no matter what the trends are. The following are items that are wardrobe staples that every woman should keep in their closet.... 



It’s hard to deny that the classic brick-and-mortar boutique has been strongly impacted by click-and-mortar. Long gone are the days of ‘if you build it they will come’. Although having working knowledge of SEO, keywords, meta-tags is immensely helpful, you will encounter many ways to approach starting your online boutique.  Let’s talk about a few key items to keep in mind with your online store..




What and how much to buy


So you are on the road to opening your first boutique or you have owned your fashion exclusive shop for some time now but have never mastered the balance of just the right inventory at the right time...






Owning your own fashion boutique is an exciting time filled with new opportunities and experiences. Having a mentor to guide you along the path is ideal but is typically not an easy find. So here are a few tricks that every budding small business owner should remember...



No matter if it’s the beauty of Spring color, or lack thereof, Spring 2018 Earring Trends are interchangeable.  We see that the hottest earring styles are also intertwined in their style and focus..




Smart buying is a component to a boutiques success, no matter if you are an e-commerce boutique or a bricks and mortar boutique.  Knowing and understanding your brand, demographic and your customer persona are all keys in the merchandise you will purchase, but what about the business of buying?  The structure of inventory?  With a few tips and structure, you will have the business structure side of your boutique working like clockwork...




Quick tips on how to display your products.  As a boutique owner is and a visual merchandiser, you will curate displays, tell stories and create your brand image with each display.  You now have the opportunity to convey the message you had when you were purchasing the latest seasonal trends.  You focused on colors, texture and style, and now is the time to put this into action...


Jewelry 101:  The EARRING

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Earrings are taking over in all styles and sizes. It’s crucial to be knowledgeable in jewelry styles in order to be successful in the fashion jewelry business. You may find yourself asking ‘What is a floating earring’?  In order to give the best earring selection to your boutique’s customers, it’s important to be confident in your own understanding of styling. From timeless key styles to seasonal trends, let’s dive into the elaborate world of earrings...


Jewelry 101:  The Bracelet


Have you been researching different bracelet styles?  Are you asking ‘what is a bangle’? It’s understandable that many of the accessory terms are confusing and don’t reference the style accurately.  Having the knowledge of the styles is key to being successful in the fashion jewelry business. You’ll not only be able to address your customers’ needs with an accurate understanding of styling, but you will also be able to purchase the key styles and trends for your boutique.Let’s continue the conversation about the foundations of your fashion jewelry styles...



March 9, 2018


 Entering into the accessories business may appear to be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the terms, descriptions or even an understanding of the different styles.  Having a basic knowledge will allow you to excel in styling your boutique but also styling your customer. Let’s discuss the foundations of your fashion jewelry styles...

Spring 2018

 Source : Glowsly 

Source : Glowsly 

Spring will forever evoke the image of sun, soft botanical flowers and flirty colors all blended in a water color painting.  Spring 2018 has been able to take the silken traditional melancholy story and modernized it with texture, floral and innovation.

 According to Pantone, ‘Color continues to be a powerhouse and a key influencer of fashion trends for Spring 2018’.  These colors are not only found in the fabric of fashion, these colors are easily found in the accessories that are now changing the landscape that is fashion...